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    Our clients love the attorneys at Parke Gordon law firm because we are responsive to your calls and questions, knowledgeable about personal injury cases, and efficient at resolving claims quickly for more money. Here’s what our injury clients have said about our services:


    When I contacted Parke Gordon Law, they immediately started working on my case. Throughout the entire process, they were very transparent, thorough,and extremely professional. They kept me updated on my case from start to finish. I couldn't have done everything they did, on my own. Everyone I spoke to was so friendly and caring and, I would without a doubt, recommend them to anyone in need of their services. Thank you to everyone at Parke Gordon Law!

    Tracie Busch Avatar
    Tracie Busch

    An incredibly reliable and qualified group of people who truly care about their clients and go the extra mile. Highly recommended.

    Hannah Bodily Avatar
    Hannah Bodily

    I have Park Gordon as my attorney and have for a couple of years if you're looking for a good attorney I would strongly recommend them, they are good at what they do they're friendly people and very knowledgeable as well. I enjoy speaking to all the staff very friendly and polite.

    John Walburn Avatar
    John Walburn

    I have been super impressed in my experience with Parke Gordon Law. They are clear and fast with responses to my questions. The communication with each new development was impressive and genuinely caring. All interaction and outcomes were far beyond my expectations. I feel that every employee I have worked with at their office, went above and beyond what my hopes were in hiring them. I can't thank them enough for their kindness and hard work on my case, and for the way they listened and responded. I have already begun recommending them to friends and family. Thank you so much Parke Gordon Law! Way to step up great customer service.

    Laura Samuelson Avatar
    Laura Samuelson

    Mr. Parke took my daughter's case after she was rear-ended by an inattentive driver. She was only 18 and went from having a very active life to being in so much pain--she had to quit her job. After the accident, she couldn't stand on her feet for more than 20 minutes; though she was used to working 7-9 hour shifts. The insurance company was browbeating my daughter into accepting the smallest sum possible that wouldn't even make up for one month's lost wages. They told my daughter that the small amount was all they would pay and that she needed to sign immediately to get the settlement.
    So we went to Mr. Parke. Mr. Parke's letters and calls got one of the most notoriously difficult insurance companies to pay more for medical bills and to give a much larger (though fair) settlement for my daughter's suffering and lost wages-- than we could get on our own. These are the truths I wish I had known before the accident:
    1. Accidents can be small and still need a lawyer. No matter if the accident is less serious, especially if there is any injury whatsoever, get Mr. Parke involved to negotiate.
    2. Don't rush to sign a settlement. Many injuries including whiplash take time to really manifest how bad they are. You do not have to sign a settlement until you finish treatment or know exactly what damage was done. The insurance company lied to my daughter, telling her that she could not delay signing when she expressed concern that she was more hurt than previously thought. The insurance company did not care and pressured her to sign right away.
    3. It isn't greedy to want a fair settlement. Mr. Parke will get you the money that is fair for your case. I hesitated getting a lawyer because a lawyer seems like a serious step and our case wasn't very big. But we changed our mind after the insurance company initially acted concerned, (so my daughter thought they were representing her needs too), but then became aggressive and rude. Their only client is the person who hit my daughter and their goal was to give my daughter as little as possible. We needed our own advocate who knew the law and wouldn't accept the lies we were being told. I want to tell everyone who was or will be in a car accident to get Mr. Parke on the case and do not settle with the insurance company on your own. You need someone on your side that has your best interest at heart!
    My daughter is slowly getting better, but has not been able to work for 6 months. The insurance company's original offer wouldn't have paid her rent for one month. With Mr. Parke's negotiated settlement, she can pay her rent and college tuition for a little while as she heals and gets her life back. Thank you Mr. Parke!

    Rachel Who Avatar
    Rachel Who

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