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The personal injury lawyers at the Mat Parke Law Firm have provided outstanding service to clients in Hillsboro, Oregon.  The injury lawyers at Parke Gordon Law Firm represent clients injured in accidents such as car accidents, motorcycle accidents, semi truck accidents and other personal injuries such as dog bites.  Mat Parke is aggressive, trusted and experienced.  Our attorneys strive to obtain the best possible settlement for each of our personal injury clients.

10 Tips to Maximize Compensation for Your Personal Injury Case

After filing a personal injury case you want to do everything you can to maximize compensation for your case. The best way to maximize compensation is to hire an experienced, trusted and aggressive attorney to handle your case. The attorneys at Parke Gordon Law Firm in Eugene have helped hundreds of clients to receive full and fair compensation for their injuries after an accident.

Here are a few real examples of cases Parke Gordon Law Firm has settled that illustrates how our law firm can maximize compensation for your personal injury case.

Case 1: Alone the client would receive $7,000. With Parke Gordon, the client would receive $29,000.

Case 2: Working alone the client would receive $13,000. Working with Parke Gordon, the client would receive $40,000 in compensation.

Case 3: On their own, the client would receive $30,000. With the help of Parke Gordon, the client would receive $102,000.

Case 4: Without an attorney, the client would receive $10,000. Parke Gordon was able to get $450,000 in compensation.

Maximizing compensation for your personal injury case is a crucial part of making a full recovery ensuring you have adequate compensation to do so.

The following are ten tips to maximize compensation for your personal injury case.

1. Don’t Wait to File Your Case

After an accident, it is extremely important to contact a personal injury attorney right away to discuss your case. Depending on your case, there are time limits to file a personal injury claim. Missing an important deadline could be devastating to your case.

2. Gather and Preserve Evidence

While still at the scene of the accident, there is some evidence you can gather that could help your personal injury case such as the following.

  • Take photos of all damages.
  • Gather the contact information of all other drivers involved in the accident as well as witnesses.
  • Call the police so an official police report can be written.
  • Give a statement of what happened to the responding officer.

If your case goes to trial, the jury is going to decide your case by looking at the evidence. The more you can do to preserve evidence and build a strong case, the more likely you are to win.

3. Receive Medical Treatment When Needed

If you are in any pain after an accident, get medical treatment. Medical records will help your case. You should be adequately compensated for any medical treatments you receive from injuries incurred from an accident. Documentation from doctors and other health care professionals will show evidence of your injuries.

4. Get the Full Value of Your Claim

Remember your case is not limited to just one type of damage. There may be several different types of damages and injuries you may be suffering from the accident.

You can work with your attorney to uncover many different types of damages including in some cases emotional damages or pain and suffering.

5. Wait for the Best Offer

An insurance company is in the business to settle a case for as little as possible. When you are in pain, you may be tempted to accept the first offer to get money faster. However, doing so usually prevents you from maximizing your compensation.

To get the maximum compensation, you need an experienced and aggressive attorney to fight for your rights. In addition, you need to let the other party know you are willing to go the distance. You may even need to reject the second or even third offer. Your attorney will work with you to determine the best possible outcome for your case.

6. Consider Any Future Damages

Serious injuries that leave a person disfigured or disabled are also to be considered in the settlement offer. You may still be suffering from your injuries even after your case is settled. Make sure this is taken into consideration of the final compensation amount.

7. If Offered an Insufficient Settlement, Explain Why

If you are offered an insufficient settlement offer, be sure to present all evidence and explain why your case is worth more. Your attorney will be able to aggressively fight to get you a higher settlement if they feel the offer was insufficient for your injuries or damages.

8. Make Your Case Strong

Build a strong personal injury case by meeting all deadlines and gathering all evidence that could possibly help your case. It is also important to hire an attorney as soon as possible after the accident to make sure you have not missed something important to the case. After the statute of limitations expires, you may not be able to recover at all. In addition, filling your case allows you to formally start gathering evidence.

9. Avoid Posting About Your Case on Social Media

It is important to remember that whatever you post about your case on social media can also be used against you in a court of law. If you are claiming to have devastating injuries but your Facebook page tells a different story, it could destroy your case. The best thing to do is to stay quiet about your case on social media and let your attorney handle the case.

10. Be Pleasant and Make a Good Impression

If your case is presented before a jury, make a good impression. A jury will make their decision based on what they see and hear at trial. It’s important to be pleasant and put your best foot forward. For instance, being polite and respectful at all times.

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Hillsboro is the fifth largest city in Oregon with a population of 106,894 in 2017. The city of Hillsboro lies in the Tualatin Valley on the west side of the Portland metropolitan area. Many high-technology companies such as Intel are housed in Hillsboro, Oregon. The city is also home to Pacific University’s Health Professions Campus. Over twenty parks and the mixed-use Hillsboro Stadium along with ten other sites in the city are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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