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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Our motorcycle accident lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help you obtain a fair settlement for the injuries you sustained in a motorcycle accident. Let us help you deal with the insurance companies, medical bills, lost wages, and property damages resulting from a motorcycle accident.  We’ll fight to get you every penny you deserve. No attorney fees will be collected until we settle.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can result in extremely serious injuries. A motorcyclist has nothing to soften the blow of a collision, therefore injuries obtained in a motorcycle accident can be more extensive than if the driver was in a car. Surgeries and hospital stays can be substantially more extensive from a motorcycle accident.

To make matters worse, motorcycle insurance is not usually as comprehensive as automobile insurance and might not include medical payment coverage.  Our motorcycle accident attorneys are experienced in dealing with accidents with high medical bills and serious injuries.  We uncover all available liability insurance and negotiate reductions in medical expenses with hospitals and surgeons.

How Much is My Motorcycle Accident Case Worth?

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident as a rider or a passenger, you are probably wondering how much your motorcycle accident claim may be worth. The following are a few common factors that will affect the value of any claim you decide to make.

Liability and Damages

The value of any motorcycle accident case depends on two things, liability and damages. Liability means who was at fault for the accident. If no liability exists, either because the person who hit you was not being negligent, or because you are not able to prove the other driver was at fault, your case will not be worth very much. An experienced personal injury attorney from Parke Gordon Law Firm will fight to determine liability by investigating police reports, talking with witnesses, etc. Without proving liability, the other driver doesn’t owe you anything in which case an attorney will not take on your case.

Damages are any losses that you suffered in the accident such as injuries or property damage to the motorcycle. The more significant the injuries, the higher the compensation amount will be. A personal injury case is usually made up of two types of damages: damages capable of exact calculation and damages not capable of exact calculations such as pain and suffering. Because some damages cannot be calculated, a jury is usually instructed to use their good sense, background, and experience to determine the value for pain and suffering.

Settlement vs. Trail

When determining the value of a motorcycle accident claim there are two types of valuations. The settlement value is what you can reasonably hope to settle the case for. The trial value is what you reasonably expect to win in a trial. Typically, most attorneys will try to settle to avoid losing in a trial. The value of either a settlement or trial is based on liability and damages from the accident.

Common Injuries After a Motorcycle Accident

1. Head Injury

Serious injuries to the head can cause life-transforming results or even be life-threatening. When the brain swells past the barriers of the skull, trouble is sure to follow. The most common injury sustained from a motorcycle accident is a head injury. Concussions and even brain damage are a few serious head injuries after a motorcycle accident.

2. Neck Injury

A neck injury is also a common serious motorcycle accident injury. Like the head, a neck injury can often become fatal or life-changing. A neck injury can paralyze the victim or even kill them. Protecting the neck and head by wearing a motorcycle helmet is the best thing you can do.

3. Leg Injury

Usually, a leg injury following a motorcycle accident results in a broken bone. Though bones can heal, a serious leg injury that goes undetected can be life-threatening. The injury could grow into something worse or permanently disabling. Injuries such as shattered or fractured bones or knees can possibly be prevented if the motorcyclist wears protective leather clothing over his or her legs.

4. Arm Injury

When a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, it is human instinct to draw one’s arms around or in front of oneself to lessen the impact. Doing this however means greater impact and more damage to the nerves of the arms. When a motorcyclist lands on their arm, permanent nerve damage may occur in the arm or upper body. To prevent this, sturdy jackets and elbow pads should be worn by the motorcyclist to protect against severe damage.

5. Road Rash

When a rider slides across the pavement after a motorcycle accident, the injury sustained is known as road rash. If the clothing is thin enough, the pavement can scrape away through layers of clothes reaching the skin and tearing it apart. Road rash is not just a simple scrape or cut. Permanent damage such as skin irritations, infections, and even surface nerve damage can occur from road rash injuries.

6. Muscle Damage

Any part of the body can be exposed to muscle damage following a motorcycle accident. Some muscle damage from a motorcycle accident can even become permanently damaged. To protect yourself on a motorcycle, wear proper protection such as a helmet, heavy clothing, and proper footwear. Another thing you can do to protect yourself is to drive defensively to avoid a motorcycle accident.

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